I'm not scared

13.jpgSomething happened to me today that would scare many others but I’m absolutely fine with it.

I became the father of a teenager. Our daughter Emily turned 13 today.

I know that the teenage years can be pretty rough, both for those going through them and for parents, but I’m not too concerned. There may be challenges along the way and we’ll face them if and when they come.

In the meantime, we’ll just keep on enjoying the company of our beautiful young girl who is rapidly becoming a beautiful young woman. Emily is an amazing person. She’s thoughtful, clever, funny, intelligent, sensitive and so much more and it’s a delight to watch her as she grows up to be more and more the young woman that God has created her to be.

I figure that if she turns out anything at all like her mum she’ll be doing very well indeed.

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Rodney Olsen

Rodney is a husband, father, cyclist, blogger and podcaster from Perth Western Australia.

He previously worked in radio for about 25 years but these days he spends his time at Compassion Australia, working towards releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name.

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  • Happy Birthday to YOuuuuuu, Happy Birthday dear Emily, Happy Birthday to you!!
    Wishing her many many many more gorgeous years to come and a lovely future!

  • Don’t let all the talk about raising teens scare you. I always enjoyed my three girls more with each year that went by: teens are curious about the world, more in tune with spiritual issues, and able to have real, meaningful observations about life. Teens are great! Don’t let anyone tell you different. The key is how you raised them the first 12 years; I’m sure you and your wife did a terrific job.

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