Who is my neighbour?

NSP.jpgDo you remember watching episodes of the old Batman series when you were a kid? I loved seeing Batman and Robin zoom towards the bushes that would drop down allowing the batmobile to enter the secret batcave. No one around knew what went on behind the hedge.

I reckon we’re all living more and more like Batman these days. We drive towards our homes, press the button on the garage door opener, and disappear to the rest of the world as the automatic door closes behind us. Everything we ‘need’ – computers, home theatres and all the rest – are waiting for us inside our secret batcaves. Even if we’ve met our neighbours it’s very rare that we interact with them.

A great new initiative may start to change things for the better as it encourages us to take the lead and start creating connections within our community. The National Street Party is part of Social Inclusion Week (23rd to 29th November) and it is hoped that it will be a catalyst in tackling isolation and loneliness. It’s being spearheaded by Dr Jonathon Welch AM.

While he has had a busy and celebrated musical career, Dr Jonathon Welch first came to prominence for most Australians as the Founding Music Director of the Choir of Hope and Inspiration, which started its life as the Choir of Hard Knocks. Last year he was a judge on Channel Seven’s reality show Battle of the Choirs. He’s been awarded many times by many organizations including being named as Australian of the Year – Local Hero for 2008. Jonathon has also been in great demand as a Performer, Guest Lecturer and Conductor around Australia and has toured Asia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. I spoke to him during my morning programme on 98.5 Sonshine FM today. You can hear our conversation by clicking the play button on the audio player atthe bottom of this post.

Do you interact with your neighbours? Do you even know them? What ways have you found to create community in your neighbourhood, workplace or city?


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