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Miranda Devine is spot on with her article, Flash of fame spreads sluttiness, in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

From Britney to Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Nikki Webster and Miranda Kerr, Devine is asking why they, and so, so many other young starlets, feel the need to “become vulgarised in the manner of a porn star, with hollowed out face and vacant eyes suggesting a life of degradation, disease and constant joyless sex.”

She cites the growing trend for young women to abandon all modesty to flash their crotches at paparazzi.

Why is our culture so toxic that to be taken seriously as a model or actress or singer or female celebrity of any description you have to strip off, look out of control and trashy, and degrade yourself in a cheaply lit approximation of ’70s cliche porn? The more hardcore and vulgar, the more hip and ironic.

It’s well past time that we started asking the same questions of our ‘celebrities’ and our culture, and that we paid even more attention to the messages that society is force feeding our daughters.

I know that I have more conservative views than many others, but seriously, does anyone really think that the current trend is helpful for anyone?

Can I encourage you to read Miranda Devine’s article. It’s a little raw and to the point, but it would seem that we need a wake up call.

Once you’ve read it, share it with your daughters to let them know that they don’t have to bend to the pressures that they may feel to be as trashy as those they see in the social pages, and unfortunately, those they often see in their own community.

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