Panasonic’s 3D Experience

Last night I was invited to hang out with a bunch of people, have a few drinks, some great food, and watch TV. Apart from the fact that I didn’t know anyone else in the room I had a great time.

It was a Soup event. Soup is Australia’s first Word of Mouth Marketing Agency and last night they were marketing Panasonic’s range of Full-HD 3D Plasma Televisions. There were several Panasonic experts on hand who gave us a very comprehensive understanding of how the 3D experience works and how Panasonic is at the forefront of developing 3D technology. (By the way, if you want to become part of the Soup community to sample products and have great nights out like I did, you can click here to sign up for Soup.)

The idea of 3D TV hasn’t really grabbed me in the past. I guess my previous experience of 3D is of clunky effects and dull colours. Not bad for an occasional experience but I’ve had my doubts about regular programming in 3D. It’s all seemed like too much of a gimmick. It’s OK to see objects flying towards you and people reaching out beyond the screen but if that’s all there is I can do without it.

I was pleasantly surprised watching the Panasonic VIErA Full-HD 3D Neo Plasma TV. The eyewear does reduce picture brightness a little but nowhere near as much as my previous 3D experiences. There was still plenty of colour and the 3D imagery was incredibly sharp, not like the slightly fuzzy images I’ve experienced in the past.

The content we watched wasn’t full of junky effects, instead it was a well shot slice of reality. The 3D effect was so good that it didn’t need gimmicks to shout out, “Hey, look at this”. We also saw a demonstration of 3D gaming. While I’m not a big gaming fan I could see that this would add so much to the gaming experience. It gave the user a much greater sense of being part of the action.

One of the things that really impressed me is that the eyewear and 3D vision didn’t leave my head spinning or feeling nauseous like other 3D experiences.

These plasmas are not only great 3D televisions, they’re excellent 2D TVs. They perform brilliantly with regular content with the added feature of going 3D when the content requires it.

So I guess I’m a convert. 3D TV isn’t simply a junky gimmick.

I’m not the only one who enjoyed the experience. You can check out more Panasonic 3D TV reviews here.

I can’t see our family affording a 3D television anytime soon but I would certainly recommend that you check them out. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience.

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