Sorry Pauline

If this article at is right, Pauline’s in big trouble.

It claims that the more time you spend with someone, the more similar you become, and that includes the way you look. I’ve heard that dogs begin to look like their owners but couples looking like each other takes it to a whole new level.

US research comparing photographs of the same couples as newlyweds and snaps taken 25 years later found many had grown to look more like each other over time because people in close contact mimic each other’s facial expressions.

I could do with a touch of Pauline’s beauty and I wouldn’t mind a thicker head of hair but I’m not convinced she would be keen on looking more like me. The longer couples stay together the more alike they become and considering that we’re intedning on sticking together ’til death do us part’ there may be very little hope.

Dr Ruth Walker from the Flinders Centre for Ageing Studies at Flinders University said similarities between couples could also have health impacts.

“If one person’s mood is quite negative, even depressive it will affect the other person, as it will if they’re happy,” she said.

Have you seen older couples becoming more and more similar in mannerisms, moods, interests, behaviours and looks?

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  • I have observed several couples (as well as some dog owners here and there) who have become more like than not. Good thing most people choose spouses (and dogs!) that they like the look of. 🙂

  • My spouse is such a hectic guy at times. Family (and I myself) see I have become like that also.
    We´re together for 16 years now.
    Sadly, it doesn´t work the other way round.
    So, don´t be afraid, Pauline will stay the beautiful woman she is 😉

    Just a joke, but really… seems like here it works in one direction only.

    Oh, seesh.
    That qualifies us as an “older couple”!!!

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