Don’t Buy Sexploitation

Melinda Tankard Reist has published an article titled Don’t Give Sexploitation Companies Your Xmas Dollar.

She’s encouraging us all to “create a shopping bag free of sexploitation this Christmas” and she’s helping us do that by providing a list of products, brands, people and companies who have been ‘naughty’ and not ‘nice’ this year. She claims the businesses she highlights have been exploitative, degrading and disturbing. Are you prepared to put your money into the pockets of those who use sex as a marketing tool?

I encourage you to check out Don’t Give Sexploitation Companies Your Xmas Dollar as well as staying in touch with what Melinda writes at her blog so you can remain informed on who is exploiting sex to sell their products.

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  • I’d encourage people to go further. Using something like the Ethical Shopping Guide, I’d recommend people create a shopping bag free of any exploitation: child labour, poor working conditions, etc. I absolutely think that we want to push back against sexual exploitation, but I do feel we need to go another step or two.

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