Boney M Frontman Bobby Farrell Dead

While he was never really the voice of Boney M‘s hit records, Bobby Farrell was the recognisable face of the band who had hits such as Daddy Cool, Rasputin and By The Rivers Of Babylon. He was the frontman and dancer who lip synched the disco era band’s hits.

Up until his death he had been performing with female backing singers as Bobby Farrell’s Boney M.

He died, aged 61, on the morning of the 30th of December, 2010 in a hotel in St. Petersburg, the city where the band rose to stardom, after performing with his band the evening before. The cause of death is not yet known.

His agent John Seine said, “He did a show last night as part of Bobby Farrell’s Boney M and they found him this morning dead in his hotel room. He did not feel well last night, and was having problems with his breathing, but he did the show anyway.”

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