Technology Stole My Life

One of the blogs I always enjoy reading is

Tim Challies is about to release a book about how our increased ability to use technology to connect with people all over the world we’re losing touch with those closest to us. It asks the questions whether all this connection to technology is good for our souls.

Check out the video above and see if it resonates with you.

Two weeks from today is the official release date for my book The Next Story: Life and Faith After the Digital Explosion. And if you’re planning to order the book (and really, you should, don’t you think?), it makes some sense to pre-order it before the official release date.

If you are going to be reading it in Kindle format, you will definitely want to order ASAP. For every 200 people who order on Kindle, the price will drop by $1 (and since you’re not charged until the day it actually releases, you’ll get those savings). Other ebook platforms will also get those savings, but not until the book actually releases. The price has already fallen and I’d love to see it fall some more.

The Next Story: Life and Faith After the Digital Explosion will be available in hardcover or Kindle version.

So, do you find that you’re ‘connected’ to more people than ever but that technology is stealing your life?

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  • Yip, sadly must agree, I’m in touch with so many mroe people than ever before, esp family overseas but I’m rushed, busier more than ever and always squeeze FB or emails in before the day ends. AND now that it’s accesible via mobile phone, when ever I wait for kids at sport or Dr. I have a quick look of who did what, who said what etc.
    NOT good, I tell myself I’m going to stop but before I get myself I have another quick look.
    Part of me is social and enjoy the interaction but yes part of me, a big part, realise how unhealthy it is and how I could do better more active things.
    All in moderation will probably be the answer?

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