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Most people that wanted them have had invitations already but yesterday Google Plus became available for everyone. It’s apparently Google’s attempt at taking market share from Facebook in the world of social media.

I have a Google Plus account which lies quietly in the corner feeling neglected. I interact with most friends on my Facebook account but thought I should grab a Plus account when I got an invitation a couple of months ago.

I’m not even really sure how it all works but I’ve added few friends to my circles. That’s the interesting thing with Google Plus. With Facebook you simply add friends, with Plus, you categorise everyone in circles that you create. I’ve got a circle for friends, one for family, one for blogging and social media contacts, but what happens when someone turns up and you’re not quite sure where to put them? Will someone feel offended if I put them in my acquaintances circle rather than my friends circle. It’s all too hard.

What about you? Have you jumped on the Google Plus bandwagon or will you stick with Facebook? Will you have both or maybe neither. Let me know which way you’re going with social media.

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  • I think it’s a wonderful idea but I feel it’s yet another way to clutter our lives with information we don’t neccessarily need.

    The jury is still out for me. Besides, much like facebook, it’s hard for to access in China.

    • Well said. I’ve seen a lot of new ‘must have’ applications online that I’m happy to ignore. I don’t live online. I live my life and share parts of it online.

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