Would you like to live to 150?

Researchers are saying that the first drugs that can slow the ageing process are likely to be available within five to ten years. They believe this could result in people eventually living to 150 or more.

Peter Smith, dean of medicine at the University of NSW, said a girl born today in Australia could reasonably expect to live to 100 already, due to advances in medicine, lifestyle and public health. In addition, new drugs to help the body repair itself were in the early stages of development, along with new stem cell therapies.

”I think there is real hope we can extend human life by some decades further,” Professor Smith said. – Sydney Morning Herald

So, what do you think? If you could stay reasonably healthy, would you want to live for 150 years?

I’m hoping I’ve still got a good many years ahead of me but I’m not sure about hanging around for 150 years. What about you?

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  • “Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.
    Remind me that my days are numbered—
    how fleeting my life is.” Psalm of David, Chapter 39

    It’s nice to think that in Bible times, the patriarchs lived for so long. Can you imagine what it must have been like not to have to refer to faded photos to know your great, great, grandparents? They lived so long your family history was still being written and you knew them first hand!

    The reality is no matter what we do, or what drugs we take, God is in control, and we should live as if that last day is now.

    Thoughtful post, Rodney!


    • I must admit that part of what concerns me is that if we do see such medical breakthroughs happening, people will believe they’ve got plenty of time ahead of them and they won’t bother to consider deeper issues, such as what happens when their time does eventually run out.

  • The use of drugs to extend life!!! What drugs are they on, I remember only last year that the newspapers were saying that our kids for the first time in history that they aren’t going to outlive their parents.
    The rate that our children are becoming obese is in itself getting out of control causing a multitude of problems including diabetes, high cholestrol, heart disease and many others.
    Quoted in the Dean’s statement was that there were advances in lifestyle and public health, what a joke. Hospitals have a 2 year waiting list for the majority of Medicare user’s, these problems need to be addressed before popping pill’s to give one an extra 50 years or more years of life otherwise it could be a long stay in Hostipal with a plethora of disease’s.
    Just today on the radio was a comment by a Doctor that every pharmaceutical drug has side effects bar none, some of the side effects are known but other’s are not. Just take a pill as a cure all, not me. All the advances in modern medicine still the common cold can’t be cured, I have little faith in modern day treatments.
    What is needed before drugs is education on health issues and proper nutrition and stop putting chemicals and additives into our food. Exercise also needs to be increased in Schools and limit the use of computer games and television at home as a start.
    I like the saying ” I like to live young until an old age”, as long as I’m healthy I think age is only a number and shouldn’t be just a figure to aim for. Even though externally our bodies age, I consider my mind still to be young and I think that matters more to me than just living to an old/er age.
    The World is turning into a place that I might not like in the distant future, I’ll accept my time on this planet until it comes the natural way thanks.

    • I think you’re right. Drugs are never going to be the answer in increasing life or the quality of life.

      Some medicines are helpful when required but when we start relying on them because we’re too lazy to eat right and do a little exercise, there’s a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

  • Oh, my… we have a problem already due to less and less kids being born. Who´d take care of us for such a long time?
    Where´d the money and personnel come from?

    But if, for just a guess… you could travel and explore the world, taking your time… with your partner… I´d be in (in a dream world).

    • I’d also like extra time to spend with those I love but you’re right, there are lots of other issues to think about like where we’d find the money.

      If we were living to 150 we’d have to be working to 120 or 130. I can do without that.

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