Do you believe that gnomes are magical creatures? I’ve got to wonder if they have magical powers after visiting Gnomesville a few days ago. Why else would I be drawn to wander around in searing heat looking at thousands of gnomes?

Located by the roundabout at the junction of Wellington Mill and Ferguson roads, Gnomesville is the magical home to over 3000 Gnomes who have migrated there from all over Australia and around the world.

Plan to spend a few hours wandering through the villages and glades full of playful, naughty and sentimental gnomes climbing logs, hanging out in trees, playing cricket, even flying planes! You’ll enjoy the clever Gnomish puns and who knows, you may decide to return to contribute a Gnome of your own. Don’t be tempted to take home a souvenir, however, as Gnoman legend has it that bad luck will surely follow! – Ferguson Valley Website

We had a few days holidaying in the Ferguson Valley before I returned to work and part of the visit to our state’s south included a visit to Gnomesville. It’s a strange and wonderful place with many gnomes telling stories of those who have placed gnomes in the past.

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  • My mum left one there when the Shirley club visited a year or 2 ago… Some scrapbooking friends took some during one of their retreats so I should try to get there to see them all one day.

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