Why are we waiting?

What are you like at queuing? We’ve recently seen queues for the iPhone 5 at outlets around the world.

Here in Perth we’ve seen people camping out for the latest land releases and parents in Sydney are queuing from 3:00 a.m. on enrolment days to secure a place for their children in before and after school care.

They arrive in the middle of the night with deck chairs, blankets, beanies and flasks of coffee while they wait to be first in line when the care centre opens its doors on enrolment day.

It is a nightmare being played out across the city, with the popularity of cheap before- and after-school care soaring, especially in parts of Sydney where there has been a surge in the birth rate and where parents believe their children receive a gold-plated service. – News.com.au

I must admit I’ve queued overnight a few times but it was many years ago. (I’m sure there’s a line in there about being young and foolish.)

I think I did it two or three times for concert tickets. If I remember rightly I queued overnight for Joe Jackson tickets a couple of times and once for Clannad. I also stayed overnight on the pavement outside Subiaco Oval once many years ago to get a good viewing spot for the WAFL Grand Final in the early eighties. That uncomfortable night was well worth it to watch Swan Districts take the flag.

Have you queued for anything? How long are you prepared to queue for something you really want? What has caused you to wait in line and for how long?

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