Titan the Robot at the Perth Royal Show

One of the great attractions at this year’s Perth Royal Show is Titan the Robot.

Titan is a massive robot which puts on several shows each day, entertaining children and adults alike. I’ve had a chance to see Titan’s performance a few times over the past few days.

Titan’s live performances can draw crowds of thousands but not content with this Titan likes to pop up on television as often as he can. Titan loves to be in the limelight and has travelled to every corner of the British Isles and to many European countries including Ireland, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Titan has also covered much of the globe, appearing before disbelieving audiences in China, Vietnam, USA, Thailand, Dubai, Oman, Doha, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong.

Titan has a habit of making the headlines when visiting counties abroad and has been on the front cover of the Gulf News, the Saigon Times, the Irish Times and the Beijing Daily one of the biggest selling newspapers in China. Titan has been in just about every publication you can think of in the UK from the Daily Mail to Truckers Magazine!

You can watch just a small part of Titan’s show in the video below.

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