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The movie, Blue Like Jazz, is based on the book of the same name by Donald Miller. It’s been described as a semi-autobiographical work. Its subtitle is “Non-Religious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality”.

Blue Like Jazz is a collection of essays and personal reflections focusing on the need for an authentic, personal response to matters of faith. The book was released around a decade ago but I’ve only started reading it recently. I’ll write some more once I’ve finished the book.

Now director, Steve Taylor, has created the movie which has been screened in a number of cinemas and can now be bought on Blu-Ray and DVD. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Steve. You can hear our full conversation by clicking the play button on the audio player below.

Before directing movies, Steve Taylor was very involved in the music industry. His music tended to look at faith from a different angle than most of what was described as Christian music at the time and that spin on spirituality seems to be what attracted him to Blue Like Jazz.

By the way, if you live in the Perth area, you can grab tickets to a free screening of the movie at Hoyts Carousel this Wednesday thanks to 98five and Faith on Film. Just follow this link and fill in your details.

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