Would you help a stranger?


I was reading this morning about a man who was mauled by a pack of savage dogs a few days ago. He’s criticised passers-by who videoed and photographed the attack instead of helping him.

Apparently four American Staffordshire Terriers attacked him as he went to move his car near his flat in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton on Tuesday night.

The dogs attacked him from behind and surrounded him, inflicting many bite wounds in a frenzied 15-minute attack.

Eventually, with the help of a nearby security guard, witnesses pulled the dogs off Mr Tat and called the police.

“He was very upset that there were so many people around and no one helped him,” his son, Vi, told the Herald Sun.

“My father was very upset when he saw that they were taping the attack and not helping.”

He said he could hear his father’s screams from their 15th storey flat. – News.com.au

I know that there would be a danger in stepping into a situation like that but surely you’d do something more than try to create a viral Youtube hit.

Everything these days seems to be captured on video and it’s not always a bad thing but I’m wondering if that’s come at the expense of basic human kindness. Have we become so detached that we see the misfortune of others as an opportunity to whip out our smart phones or is it more about the growing trend to not get involved.

If you saw someone in danger would you video them or help? Have you ever stepped in to help a stranger? I’d love to hear your stories.

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  • Can’t say since it never has happened to me. I would hope I would help. I do know those dogs are done with in America. After an attack like that I would be okay with it. I read about them and they are extremely protective of family but it appears these were a pack?

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