John Lennon on The Voice

When I saw this video earlier today I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I’ve often wondered how some of the greats of the music world would be received if they tried to turn a chair or two.

I love the fact that shows like Idol, The Voice, and others give talented performers a platform to perform for a far wider audience and I’m glad that we’ve discovered some great artists through those shows, but it’s always concerned me that the unique and different can get lost.

Obviously any such program can only give us a small window into the lives of the people involved and their music and so it becomes a popularity contest, but what about some of the acts that have built up massive followings and have remained popular over many years? Would they have found a following on those programs?

I think of artists like Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and many others who have continued to draw audiences for decades. I’m not sure that many would get past the auditions which is why I’m thankful that there are several ways to enter the music industry. I just hope we keep providing a variety of avenues for those with something to say through music to reach their audience.

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