Let Yourself Shine


What’s shining inside you that the world has never seen? What’s the passion that you’re too scared to show anyone?

A strange thing has happened with television talent shows over recent years.

Around a decade ago we started seeing a trickle of reality shows that gave people a shot at fame and fortune. Idol, Popstars, X Factor, So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice, Australia’s (or whatever other country) Got Talent and several others filled our screens. Some have continued, others have headed to the TV graveyard.

A lot of these shows used to focus heavily on those who are completely unaware of how badly they sing. Auditions were full of spectacular failures, shown only so that we could laugh at others and mock their inabilities. Thankfully that’s changing.

While there are still some auditions featuring those who have been told by their mums how brilliant they are when they can’t actually hold a note, we’re seeing more and more of those who don’t seem to fit the expectation of the good looking pop package walk on stage and surprise us with amazing performances.

Refuse to wear someone else’s labels.

Something rises in us when we see someone showing that they can’t be judged by the narrow criteria we so often use to classify others as not worthy of our attention. I think it’s often because we recognise something in ourselves that’s never been able to see the light of day. There’s something hidden inside us that we’re too afraid to put on display because we don’t believe we could handle the possibility of rejection. In watching someone else overcome the labels our hearts celebrate …. but there’s a part of us that still wishes others would see the beauty inside us.

Over the years We’ve seen triumphs from people like Susan Boyle, Paul Potts and several others. A few nights ago on Australian television we saw another person defy the stereotypes to soar into our hearts. Check out this video of Leon Lee, a 19 year old university student.

No one expected too much of Leon.

You can tell that the audience didn’t expect anything great. The judges exchanged knowing smiles that said they expected Leon’s audition to be a bit of a train wreck. But then he sang.

There was something in Leon that most people had never seen. Thankfully he had the courage to put that something on display.

I wonder what’s inside you.

It might not be a great singing voice or anything to do with performing but it’s still there ready to shine. What are you hiding for fear of rejection?

Maybe there’s something inside you that wants to shine, not for the whole world, but for those closest to you. Are you prepared to trust someone else enough to shine?

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  • I know stories like this are all the rage but I never get tired of seeing people shock others with “hidden” talent. I am not a Vandross fan but that dude could bring it. Thanks for posting this Rodney.

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