Soundtrack of my Life – Empty Me Out

Soundtrack of my LifeThis is one of a regular series of articles highlighting some of the music that has played a part in my life.

You’ll find a range of songs from old to new. You’ll probably find music that has been part of the soundtrack of your life too.

You can also check out some of the other songs that make up the soundtrack of my life.

Empty Me Out – Liz Vice

One of the newer songs that has very quickly become part of the soundtrack of my life is Empty Me Out from Liz Vice. To tell the truth, her entire There’s a Light album is part of that soundtrack.

I discovered Liz’s music last year and have been enjoying it ever since. There’s an incredible freshness to her music but there are tracks, such as Empty Me Out, that would feel at home on a classic album from any great soul singer. You can listen to her album just for the outstanding music but then you’d be missing the amazing way she weaves her faith into her lyrics.

Gospel, Soul, and R&B-infused artist Liz Vice is from Portland, Oregon. The songs from the album feature dynamic, soulful vocals, with lyrics that are classically influenced enough to feel timeless and reference her deep-rooted spirituality.

Some music takes years to find it’s way to my heart and to truly become part of the soundtrack of my life. Empty Me Out and the other tracks on There’s a Light were added to that soundtrack almost immediately. I hope Liz Vice’s music becomes part of the soundtrack of your life too. It deserves its place in many lives.

I’d encourage you to get involved too. Let me know about some of the songs that are etched in your mind. What are the tunes that bring back a flood of memories every time their opening notes start cranking out on your stereo? Are there songs you love for their music and others that speak deeply through their lyrics?

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