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During the past week, I had the opportunity to speak to a former cult member who underwent deprogramming by a world-renowned expert. Even after his escape from the cult he battled to find acceptance and belonging.

These days Brian Steele is a pastor and has recently become an author, publishing his first book in a series focussed on one of the parables told by Jesus. The book is titled The Kingdom Field Guide.

He has a passion for people to discover a really real kingdom as described throughout the Christian scriptures.

Are you ready for your life’s priorities to be turned upside down? The journey begins with seeking God’s kingdom, hidden like a treasure. But it’s hidden in plain sight—right at your feet.
In this hands-on Field Guide and accompanying Small Group Guide, Pastor Brian Steele will encourage you to:
– Seek God’s kingdom—because you can’t find what you aren’t looking for.
– See God’s kingdom—because it is really real.
– Live out your purpose and glorify God with the smallest details of your daily life.

Brian is my guest on my podcast Bleeding Daylight this week. You can hear our conversations wherever you listen to podcasts, or click the play button on the audio player below.

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