Ryan Roy – Be the Dad You Wish You Had

I released what I consider to be a very important episode of my podcast, Bleeding Daylight, this week. As well as sharing his personal story, my guest has some extremely valuable encouragement and guidance for parents, especially dads. I am convinced that this episode will be of great benefit to many families.

The struggles we face, the hurts we experience, will generally push us one of two ways. They can continue to harm and destroy us long after the events that initially caused us damage, or they can be the driver for transformation. Of course, even when we take the road of transformation, there’s no guarantee that it will be easy or painless. Ryan Roy has not only seen transformation in his own life, he’s actively empowering others towards transformation.

What you desire, and what I desire, and what every little girl and every little boy and what every adult on this planet desires is to be loved, through actions and through words. – Ryan Roy

You can hear Bleeding Daylight wherever you listen to podcasts or check out this week’s episode by clicking play on the audio player below.

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