Caris Snider – Anxiety Elephants

Depression, anxiety, fear, pain, shame, failure, feeling not enough, even wanting to leave this world. These are all things that Caris Snider has experienced.

Caris is my guest this week on my podcast, Bleeding Daylight.

If we’re honest, most of us have some kind of disconnect between our personal inner world and the person that the world sees, but for Caris, it was like a gaping chasm.

She very much seemed to have it all together. She was a wife, mum, friend and worship leader. Unfortunately, below the surface, things were quite different. Caris was hiding a secret, even from those closest to her and on Bleeding Daylight we lift the lid on that secret and discover the turnaround that not only helped her, but that has allowed her to help others.

Caris is the author of the book Anxiety Elephants and it was an honour to have her join me on Bleeding Daylight.

Whether you’ve encountered any of the feelings that Caris did, or you’re wanting to help someone you know, you’ll find hope and encouragement in her story.

Listen to Bleeding Daylight wherever you find podcasts or use the audio player below.

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