A Long Way to Ride a Bike


Earlier this week I posted a video of my first trip to India in February 2003. That’s now got me thinking of later that same year when I cycled in a team from Perth, Western Australia, to Hobart, Tasmania. 4233.77km in 32 days.

I’ve cycled the Nullarbor five times in all. My first trip was a ride from Perth to Canberra in 1987. I did the same journey with a different route the following year. In 1990 I was part of team that cycled from Perth to Adelaide. It was a decade before my next crossing in 2000 when a large group cycled from Perth to Sydney, arriving just before the start of the Sydney Olympics.

The ride from Perth to Hobart in 2003 is my most recent Nullarbor crossing and I reckon it’s about time I went for number six.

Each of the rides was with The Bible Society as part of their Bike for Bibles program.

Check out the video to see 32 days of riding reduced to three and a half minutes.

So … 2016? Do you want to come for a ride? I’m looking at the possibility of Perth to Newcastle, raising money for Compassion.

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What is it about certain time periods that add extra significance to remembering our life history? Why do we celebrate milestones differently to anniversaries of events in other years?

I clocked up another year of life a couple of months ago but it wasn’t a milestone birthday. Next year, however, I’ll be hitting the half century so I’m already starting to think about what I need to do in the coming months to reach that occasion in better than reasonable shape.

While my birthday this year wasn’t a milestone, 2012 is a significant milestone year for other reasons.

Next month it’ll be 25 years since I first cycled across Australia, riding about four and a half thousand kilometres in five weeks to make my way from Perth to Canberra. I’ve cycled across the Nullarbor another four times since then but that first trip was obviously a significant life event. Each of those rides was part of Australia’s Bike for Bibles program which began in 1984, and that first ride in 1987 was the first ever crossing of Australia by a Bike for Bibles team.

It was 20 years ago last month that I flew out from Perth to go cycling amongst the Rocky Mountains in Canada. It was a short trip but I was there for the first ever Canadian Bike for Bibles ride. I was part of a small group of Aussies who made the journey to commence something wonderful in an amazing country.

While those milestones are significant, they don’t even begin to compare with three other events that changed my world irrevocably for the better back in 1992.

Event One: Twenty years ago, at the beginning of 1992, I met the most amazing woman I have ever known.

Event Two: Later in 1992 she agreed to marry me.

Event Three: In December of that year we were married, which means that this year we’ll be celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary. 1992 was a big year.

Are you someone who takes note of milestone occasions? What milestones are you looking forward to celebrating?

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I Left My Heart in Delhi

The song might be all about leaving your heart in San Francisco but I left my heart in India. I first visited India back in 2003 and cycled with some amazing people as part of Bike for Bibles there. We rode from Agra, home of the Taj Mahal, to Delhi. I visited again in 2005 and cycled from Delhi to Chandigarh.

India is an incredible country that must be experienced to begin to understand the attraction it holds. The colour, the sights, sounds, smells, the most amazing food and some truly wonderful people.

One of my Indian friends just asked me on Facebook when I’m heading back to Delhi. It’s been over six years since I was last there and I would love to be able to jump on a plane and head back for a month or so. If money and time weren’t an issue I’d book a ticket today.

Unfortunately I’m not likely to return any time soon. I’ll have to be happy with some amazing memories for the time being but one day I hope I can get back to Delhi and explore even more of that amazing country.

I can’t imagine calling anywhere but Perth home but India is constantly calling as a place to visit.

I’m wondering if there are places you’ve been that you’d like to visit again. What part of the world holds a special place in your heart? Has the travel bug bitten you or are you happy to stay home?

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Get Your Bike Ready

bikeforbibles.jpgI’m sure you know by now that I’m less than two weeks away from riding from Perth to Albany to raise money for Cancer Council WA. If you haven’t had a chance to donate yet you can head to my secure donations page right now or click the SPONSOR ME button in my sidebar.

Now something specifically for those in the Perth area.

If you’re feeling inspired to ride for a good cause but you think that Perth to Albany might be a bit far, you can start training now to ride from Perth to Mandurah for Bike for Bibles. It’s a day trip of around 70 to 80 kilometres and you’ll find more information by clicking this link. Details are being finalised but now’s the time to commit yourself to being ready for the big day.

Spring has finally arrived so drag your bike out of the shed, pump up the tyres, and start getting ready for what should be an awesome day of riding with a great bunch of people. I need to check my calendar but I’m very tempted to sign up for this one.

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Bike for Bibles 2008

RedFort.JPGThis is a photo of me during a rest day on my most recent Bike for Bibles ride. It was in India back in 2005 and I’m sitting on the throne of Jahangir at Agra’s Red Fort. Over my shoulder you can see the Taj Mahal.

The throne of Jahangir was built in 1602. They sure don’t make seats to last like that anymore.

I’ve had some amazing experiences through Bike for Bibles and cycled many thousands of kilometres. My involvement started way back in 1987 with the first-ever Bike for Bibles crossing of Australia. I’ve cycled from Perth to Canberra twice, Perth to Adelaide, Perth to Sydney and Perth to Hobart as well as taking part in many rides within Western Australia.

I’ve also been overseas with Bike for Bibles on three occasions. The first time was in 1992 for the first ever Canadian Bike for Bibles. We cycled through the Rockies and it was absolutely magnificent. I battled Indian traffic in 2003 and 2005 for Bike for Bibles and would go back there tomorrow if I could.

From August 1999 to August 2004 I served as the Western Australian Bike for Bibles Coordinator for the Bible Society. After my five years service there I returned to radio.

I had the opportunity to combine my love of Bike for Bibles and radio this morning when I interviewed David Pascoe about an upcoming ride from Perth to Albany. You can find the details of the ride at the Bike for Bibles blog or click play on the audio player in this post to hear what David had to say.


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