Mark Sowersby – Forgiving the Nightmare

This week’s episode of my podcast, Bleeding Daylight, is confronting. It’s the story of a young boy’s nightmare of abuse but thankfully it doesn’t end there.

Forgiving the Nightmare is Mark Sowersby’s journey to forgive those who allowed the abuse to take place, and even the predator who stole his childhood.

His message is clear, no matter the shape of your nightmare, there can be forgiveness, and even joy.

Reverend Mark Sowersby has been married to his wonderful wife Jennifer for 17 years and is the father of four children. Mark has been an ordained minister with Assembly of God for over 25 years and is currently the Pastor of Christian Assembly of Schuyler in beautiful upstate New York. Pastor Mark holds a BA in theology from Zion Bible College/Northpoint Bible College.

In 2019 Pastor Mark went through a time of great healing. He began speaking about the experiences of his past and God’s grace and the transformational work of forgiveness in his life. He now speaks about his story through his ministry, Forgiving The Nightmare.

When he isn’t serving his congregation and his community through ministry, teaching, and support, you can find him on all the trails and lakes in Upstate New York, spending time with his family.

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A bad start to the day

broken_glass.jpgEver have days that get off to a bad start and then get progressively worse?

I reckon you’d be hard pressed to have had a worse start to the day than the guy driving the Walshs Glass truck that was parked on the side of South Street in Canning Vale earlier this morning.

The truck was a few hundred metres from the intersection of Bannister Road. The driver was back at the intersection with a broom, trying to move a significant amount of shattered glass from the roadside. Ouch.

The small broom seemed so inadequate for the task at hand. There was a lot of small pieces of glass across the road.

I’m glad that I’m not the guy who has to call his boss and explain the situation though I’m sure they’d be ensured for such occurences.

Thankfully there were still quite a few sheets of glass on the truck so he hadn’t lost his whole load.

I’m pretty sure I made it through the intersection without a puncture in my bicycle tyres. I think I’d better go check for any slow leaks now.

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