Fishing for $100 000

fishing.jpgWho said fishing was a waste of time?

Have you seen that Lismore Police have been inundated with claims to a fortune found by four teenagers fishing in a northern New South Wales creek?

Police are looking for the owner of $100,000 in cash found wrapped in brown plastic three weeks ago.

The teenagers found the parcel while fishing, but waited to hand it in to police until they’d discussed their find with their families and sought legal advice. Police say that the boys can make a claim for the money if no one comes forward with a legitimate claim after six weeks.

“We’re still looking for the owner of the money,” Inspector Nicole Bruce said.

“We’ve had no legitimate claims so far, but a lot of illegitimate ones.” Police on Friday concluded a thorough search of the idyllic fishing spot on the banks of Turntable Creek, which was inundated by flood waters in May.

“The cash did appear weathered, and given the floods we’ve had, it could have come from anywhere,” Insp Bruce said.SBS News

So it seems every man and his dog is trying to hook the money. I’m sure that most of them realise that they won’t net the cash. They’re just fishing.

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Appearances can be deceiving

bag.jpgA great example today of why we shouldn’t base our judgements on appearances.

A Perth family from the suburb of Shelley ignored a plain, brown paper bag for several days. It sat on their front lawn, ignored by the wife who first spotted it and her husband who also thought nothing of it.

When the son decided to peek inside he found the bag contained $10 000. reported the find in their story Family finds $10 000 cash on front lawn. The police are now trying to find the owner of the cash.

The man who found the money took it to Cannington police station yesterday, a police spokeswoman said.

He told officers his wife spotted the bag a few days ago on the front lawn of their home at Shelley, in Perth’s south, but they thought nothing of it until their son looked inside.

I wonder how many times we ignore those things that seem plain and ordinary and miss out on something valuable.

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