Commuting Driving Up Stress

I was very interested to see the front page story in today’s copy of our local newspaper, The West Australian. While it’s talking about a local issue I’m sure that it’s one that people can relate to in cities right around the world.

According to the story Commuters suffering traffic stress, three quarters of Perth commuters are getting stressed out during their daily drive to work.

I couldn’t put myself through that day after day. I very rarely get caught in peak hour traffic and I hate it. Having to do that ten times a week, five times to work, five times home, would convince me it’s time to make a change.

Three out of four Perth commuters become stressed and frustrated during their daily drive to work, with most blaming rude and aggressive drivers and stop-start traffic.

A major survey of commuters across Australia, to be released today, also found that Perth commuters were the highest users of private vehicles in the country.

Seventy per cent of Perth commuters opted to drive their car to and from work.

The details come from a major survey of commuters across Australia. It also seems that Perth commuters are the highest users of private vehicles in the country with 70% of Perth commuters choosing to drive their cars to and from work.

Perth commutes are generally shorter than in other Australian cities but we’re still getting stressed.

It found that 97 per cent of Perth drivers spent less than an hour commuting to work, with an average one-way trip of 27 minutes – the lowest in the nation.

Yet 73 per cent said they experienced stress during their daily commute, with 28 per cent saying it had a negative impact on their health.

It’s interesting to see that in a related story, Workers dodge freeway frustration, The West is highlighting cycling as a way to beat the traffic blues.

With the amazing conditions we have in Perth I’m surprised that more people haven’t switched to two wheels. One of the highlights of my day is zooming along the freeway bike path while people sit stuck in traffic. It’s not that I delight in seeing people experiencing the stress of peak hour traffic, it’s more that I know that what I’m doing is actively driving my own stress levels down. Well, that and the fact that I’m having an enormous amount of fun every morning.

How’s your daily commute? Do you feel stressed as head to work and home each day? Would you consider cycling to work? What would it take for you to make the switch?

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That’s Odd

I see the strangest things when I’m cycling to work.

I pulled up at a set of lights this morning and noticed that the lady in the Volvo beside me had a large white cat across her lap. The cat seemed quite happy and probably does a fair bit of travelling with its owner but I do wonder about the wisdom in driving with an unsecured cat in the car, especially sitting on top of the driver.

If the car had to stop suddenly, Tibby would be rocketed into the dashboard. I’m a real cat lover; I’m just not convinced that cats should go everywhere that their humans go.

Later during my ride I noticed a young guy in a work ute drinking a can of Red Bull. I wondered why anyone would need an energy hit at that time of the day. If you need artificial stimulants to keep going that early in the day you’re going to be completely wrecked by lunchtime. I didn’t think too much of it at the time but I couldn’t help sitting down and shaking my head as I pondered the situation while sipping my double shot espresso at my desk at work.

What are some of the strange things you’ve seen on your daily commute? Whether you travel by car, bike, bus or train, I’m sure you’ve seen some intersting sights.

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