The strange things we do for others

I’ve recently signed up for a three day bike ride to raise money for Compassion Australia and the work they do in releasing children from poverty. The ride’s in February and I’ll be cycling the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

I’ve seen Compassion’s work first hand in Haiti and Dominican Republic, so I know I’ll be supporting a great cause. If you’d like to help me kick start my fundraising you can follow this link to sponsor me. I’ll tell you more about it as it gets closer but it’s got me wondering about raising funds for good causes and the things we do.

I’ve done a lot of cycling for great causes over the years. I’ve also been locked up as a convict for a cause, raising money for Cystic Fibrosis WA. I’ve done the forty hour famine for World Vision a number of times, taken part in fund raising morning teas, worn red noses and several other bits and pieces along the way.

I’m wondering what crazy things you’ve done for a cause. Tell me what activities you’ve done to fund raise for a worthy reason and what cause you supported. Maybe it’s been making cupcakes or lamingtons. Maybe you’ve taken part in a run or even shaved your head. What have you done to help others?

Please leave a comment or two with your fund raising experiences.

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