Someone’s Definitely Annoyed


Ever find something little really annoying you?

Can you shrug it off and just let it go?

Are you able to realise that the world isn’t going to end, even if it is something that makes you want to scream?

I hate apostrophes in the wrong place but I can live with the fact that others use them incorrectly. I hate the way that some people behave in traffic but worrying about it gets me nowhere so I just let it go. Some people have opinions that are so obviously ludicrous that it could really get under my skin if I let it.

I have come to realise that not everyone in the world thinks and acts the same way that I do and I’m fine with that. To tell the truth, the world would be a boring place if everyone was like me.

Some people aren’t quite as forgiving. Some people get so annoyed by the little things in life that they buy domain names to let everyone know about what’s pushing their buttons.

If you could set up a URL to highlight something that annoys you, what would it be?

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