A Surprise Pay Day

I read this morning about a 71 year old lady who sat down for a meal and unravelled a serviette in her own home only to find a Target employee’s pay packet from 1993, along with four one hundred dollar bills and a couple of fifties.

The $500 was in an envelope hidden inside a second-hand napkin her sister bought for $2 from an op shop.

The sisters managed to track down the owner and returned the money. The lady who got her money back held a morning tea for the sisters when they returned the money, giving them flowers and a reward.

“I couldn’t believe it when I found all that money. I was even more surprised to find it had been rolled up for almost 20 years,” Ms Hansch told the Frankston Standard Leader.

“I definitely wanted to return it to its rightful owner and never once thought about hanging on to it.”

Ms Hansch called her sister, Clare Fisher, 67, from Seaford, and the pair began their hunt. After trying Target, they turned to the phone book and found Margaret Dorothy Fife living in Bonbeach. Sceptical of their strange phone call at first, Mrs Fife, 74, confirmed she had worked at Chadstone and Frankston Targets two decades ago. – News.com.au

So, what would you have done if you’d found the $500? Would you have taken the time to track down the original owner or would you consider the money was now yours?

I often find things on the side of the road when I’m out cycling. I’ve found phones, wallets, and other bits and pieces. If there’s any way of identifying an owner I try to track them down and return the item.

Have you made an effort to find the owner of something you’ve found or have you had something returned that you never thought you’d see again?

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Lost and Found

Samsung PhoneOne of the many advantages of cycling is that you find stuff. Sometimes it’s even good stuff.

I’ve found sunglasses, tools, a very small amount of cash and a few other bits and pieces.

On several occasions I’ve found mobile phones. Most of them smashed beyond usefulness but a few have still worked. I’ve been able to track down their owners and return the phones.

Last week as I was cycling home I spotted something black on the side of the road. I stopped, turned around, went back and picked it up. It was a phone in full working order. I shoved it in my pocket and headed home, intending to check it out and try to find the owner.

As I continued my journey I heard a loud ringing. I pulled over, reached into my pocket and answered the phone, much to the relief of the lady on the other end of the line. It was her daughter’s phone and to cut a long story short we made arrangements for her daughter to drop over and pick up the phone.

Both mother and daughter were extremely appreciative and thanked me profusely.

The odd thing is, that’s not always the case. I’ve returned items such as phones and purses in the past where the owners have been polite but very reserved in their thanks. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t return stuff so that a stranger can tell me how wonderful I am but it does surprise me that they don’t seem more pleased to be reunited with something of value.

What have you lost or found?

Have you lost something and had it returned? Have you found something and tracked down the owner to return it? What was the reaction of the person who owned the item?

I’d be really interested in hearing your stories. Please leave a comment or two in the comments section of this post.

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