Show some respect

graffiti.jpgI’m sure you’ve heard it and you might have even said it yourself.

“Teenagers have no respect these days.”

Is that really the case or have we forgotten our own teenage years? Are you a teenager? What are your thoughts when people make blanket statements like that?

Joan Grosser returned to the Morning Programme on 98.5 Sonshine FM today and we tackled the issue of teenagers and respect.

The Basis of Character – the quality of your character and that of your children is best exemplified by the presence or absence of three attributes: respect, honour, and honesty. These are action terms. Having an attitude of respect, honour, and honestly is not enough; there must be an ongoing demonstration of the three.

Respect, honour and honesty are critical fibres in the moral fabric of our being. To respect others is to honour them and to honour them is to live honestly before them. The parent’s job is to take the intangible concepts of respect, honour and honesty and make them tangible – to take their abstract meanings and make them concrete. – Gary Ezzo

If you’d like to hear this morning’s segment just click play on the audio player in this post.

I’d really enjoy hearing what you have to say. Is the perceived lack of respect just a problem for today’s teens or have we failed to model and teach respect? How do we show our children how to respect others? Is respect only something we display to those we feel have earned it or is it something deeper than that?

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