Yvonne Rempel – A Damascus Experience

Yvonne Rempel faced trauma from the day she was born. Her childhood left her with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

At 17 I was kicked out of the house, and I went on a very destructive path because I didn’t have options. I had no structure. I didn’t know who I was, other than raising my brothers and sisters, other than trying to please my mother.

Following a difficult upbringing, she experienced a life transformation in her early 20s.

She’s come a long way since then and now helps others break free from their past to become the person they were meant to be.

Yvonne is this week’s guest on my podcast, Bleeding Daylight. You can hear her story on Bleeding daylight wherever you find podcasts or use the audio player below.

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Amy Watson – Trauma Transformed

When she was just seven years old, Amy Watson’s mother left her in the care of two notorious serial killers. She spent several years in a children’s home and later her abusive husband tried to kill her.

Amy has faced unimaginable trauma but her story is also one of healing and forgiveness.

I had the opportunity to talk with Amy for my podcast Bleeding Daylight.

Hear how hope began to shine through in the latest episode of Bleeding Daylight wherever you find podcasts or click play on the audio player below.

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Sandy Phillips Kirkham – Innocence Betrayed

Sandy Phillips Kirkham is the author of the book Let Me Prey Upon You. It details how a youth pastor preyed upon her, a betrayal that left her broken, with a shattered faith, and the ultimate shame of being blamed and forced from the church she loved.

From their very first meeting, the new youth minister slowly and methodically turned the sacred relationship of a trusted spiritual leader to one of abuse: sexual, emotional, and physical. When his actions were discovered, he was simply moved to another church, leaving Sandy to pay for his deeds. She was not his first victim, nor would she be his last.

Despite a successful and happy life as a wife, mother, and friend, Sandy successfully concealed her abuse for twenty-seven years until a trigger forced her to face the truth. Sandy’s story will take you on her journey of healing which began in 2004, first by seeking justice and closure from both the pastor and the church. Her strength and courage will inspire you.

It’s a story of sexual abuse which may be confronting for some people. It’s also a story of hope and healing.

Sandy spoke to me for this week’s episode of my podcast, Bleeding Daylight.

You can hear Sandy’s story by searching for Bleeding Daylight wherever you find podcasts or simply click play on the player below.

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Not Marked


Mary DeMuth has a story to tell. It’s a story of sexual abuse and it’s a story that others need to hear. I’ve read some of that story in her upcoming release  The Wall Around Your Heart: How Jesus Heals You When Others Hurt You.

Mary has written Not Marked, an honest book that provides a way towards healing for abuse victims and their families.

Sexual abuse does NOT need to mark you.

It did mess with me. For far too many years. Flashbacks invaded my sleep. I startled far too easily. Sex within marriage became scary and complicated. I often wondered if I’d ever be normal. I even disconnected from those I loved the most.

The mark that sexual abuse gave me felt indelible, permanently inked with a Sharpie pen. And no matter of scrubbing erased it. (Have you ever felt this way?)

The problem was, I felt that I should be “over” it (and well-meaning people said those same things to me.) After all, I became a Christian, and I heard all those sermons about everything being made brand spanking new. I believed that when I met Jesus, all those scars and marks and fears would instantly leave.

This book has amazing potential to help those who feel they’ve been marked by sexual abuse but Mary needs help to fund the publishing of the book.

Mary needs your help now to reach her goal so that others can be be helped and healed. Please visit her indiegogo page and consider making a contribution.

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Fractured People


(This post was first published in April 2005.)

I’ve been thinking recently about all the fractured people I know. I know people who have messed up badly in the past and are still paying the consequences, sometimes years after the event. They’ve made life choices that have made circumstances difficult, not only for them, but for people close to them and many others around them. Their actions have triggered splashes that will still be causing ripples for a long time. They’ve destroyed relationships, torn families apart or caused deep divisions between friends.

I know people that are incredibly sorry for the pain that they’ve caused others and some who still don’t really care or who try to justify their actions.

Many of these people are very dear to me and I consider them to be close friends. Why do I stay close to such people? I look at myself at times and see a person that I don’t always like all that much. I’m fractured too. I’ve hurt people and let people down. It’s never been my intention to do that, but like you, I’m fractured.

Part of life

Pain and disappointment seem to be a natural part of life and I think it does us well to remember that. Not so that we can sit around feeling sorry for ourselves or letting the bitterness destroy us. We must also resist the temptation to use that as an excuse to carry on hurting others. We need to remember that hurt is a part of life so we don’t spend our days yearning for something that’s not going to happen. There isn’t going to be a time when we won’t have to deal with struggles. Some will be caused by ourselves and by those close to us. Other struggles will come through external circumstances or people we don’t know.

We often can’t control our circumstances but we can control how we react and what we turn those circumstances into.

I know many people whose lives have been fractured by the mistakes and carelessness of others. My heart goes out to them and I wish I was able to heal their hurts but while I can be there for them at times I can’t change the past for them.

Let the healing begin

Thankfully, while it can be hard to hide the scars, there can be healing. I’m glad that the more I explore issues of faith, the more I discover a deep forgiveness and healing. It’s not the forgiveness that comes from a glib ‘sorry’ but a deep, heartfelt, internal knowledge that the past is over and I can start again. It’s not the kind of healing that comes from time, that’s just denial. It’s a healing that goes deep and touches each hurt.

If anyone has tried to offer you any kind of Christianity that accuses instead of heals or brings guilt instead of forgiveness, let me assure you, they’re selling a forgery.

The kind of faith I’m talking about is the type that connects you to a person named Jesus, not to a list of rules and doctrines. The kind of faith that I’m talking about lets me know that no matter what happens and no matter what struggles I’m facing, I’m not facing them alone. And in the good times or the bad times, I know I’m right where I need to be.

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