Feeling Trapped

trolley.jpgDo you ever feel trapped by your circumstances?

I felt very trapped yesterday while shopping. Emily and I headed out to the shops to buy a few bits and pieces for lunch. I grabbed the first shopping trolley I could see … and that’s when I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I would never leave that shopping centre. I was trapped.

You see, I had found a shopping trolley that was an absolute pleasure to push. It didn’t have a wonky wheel that would shudder up and down the aisles. It didn’t veer to the left or the right, making me feel like a trolley wrangler trying to keep an errant trolley on the straight and narrow. It didn’t even make annoying noises that make other shoppers stare as if you’re doing something evil to make the trolley emit such a disturbing tone.

This was the perfect shopping trolley. I knew that once my shopping visit was over, this magnificent machine would just be thrown in with the rest of the trolleys ready for the next lucky shopper.

How could I ever leave that supermarket? I knew I would never be reunited with this marvelous contraption. I was destined to stay there forever, just so that I would never lose that moment.

Thankfully Emily made me see sense. We packed up the groceries, pushed the trolley to the trolley return, and headed home.

I know I made the right choice in leaving, but from time to time I know I’ll suddenly feel that emptiness, knowing that I may never find a perfect shopping trolley again.

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Straight to the Pool Room

I don’t have a pool room or even a room big enough for a pool table but if I did I’d grab one of these for the wall.

An old school friend of mine named Mark Schneider is selling House Rules for Pool posters on Ebay and he’s trying to drum up a bit of business.

Mark created the posters which would look great in your pool room or serve as a wonderful gift for that person who has everything …. including a pool room.

This poster covers the generally accepted suburban rules of pool with a touch of humour. They’re printed on 310gsm card and gloss laminated. They’re brand new and will be posted to you in an Australia Post mailing tube. Couldn’t be simpler. Click on the photo for a closer look.

Just click here for a few more details.

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