We’re Better Than This


Over 700 children are currently detained indefinitely by the Australian government and there’s a rising number of people who are standing up and saying we’re better than this.

We’re better than this Australia is a movement to draw people’s attention to the reality of life for children in detention camps at the behest of the Australian Government. The people behind We’re Better Than This is an alliance of informed Australians who – no longer able to say, “I didn’t know there were so many children in mandatory detention being treated so inhumanely by our Government”- find themselves now no longer able to stay silent.

This isn’t a political movement as both sides of politics have been part of the problem. Now it’s time to find a solution and release children from detention. It breaks my heart to know that for many children, life behind razor wire is all they know.

No other country in the world holds children in the way we do, and the United Nations is very, very concerned about Australia’s policies. – Professor Gillian Triggs, president of the Australian Human Rights Commission

As a country we have stood up and pointed the finger at human rights abuses in other countries and I believe we need to keep doing that, but our protests don’t carry much weight when we continue to lock children away when they’ve committed no crime.

On Christmas Island, visiting doctors found children showing serious signs of both physical and mental deterioration. On the island of Nauru, UN inspectors deemed the conditions inhumane and unsuitable for children, while a Transfield Services intelligence report detailed several cases of child abuse and self-harm. – The Guardian

If you want your voice to be heard, there’s more information and a bunch of resources at the We’re Better Than This website.

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No … we’re not full

I felt quite angry while I was out on the road this morning. I pulled up at a set of lights behind a car with a couple of blatantly racist stickers on the back window. It wasn’t really the best way to start my ride to work.

They were the worst kind of anti-immigration stickers, fuelled by ignorance rather than a considered opinion on a workable immigration policy. They made out that it was un-Australian to let people from other nations live in ‘our’ country. (Which is always an odd idea considering that ‘white Australians’ didn’t arrive here until the late 1700s.)

Just as my anger at such an attitude started to build up I found myself starting to smile. The stickers that displayed such a nasty attitude to anything foreign were proudly displayed on the back window of a Korean built car.

I wonder if the owner of the car would understand the meaning of the word irony.

I’m an Australian and I’d rather immigrants living here than racists.

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