Small, Orange and Wonderful

ipod.jpgIt wasn’t too many years ago that portable music for me meant carrying around a personal CD player.

That CD player sat neatly in the back pocket of my cycling jerseys and each day I’d cycle off to work with a CD in the player and another CD in another pocket for the ride home. That would give me a choice of about 20 songs each day.

How things change.

Pauline gave me an orange 8GB iPod Nano for Christmas, replacing my aging 4GB iPod Mini. It’s so incredibly small and light that it feels as if it weighs nothing.

Instead of the daily choice of 20 songs that I used to have on the old CD player, I currently have 1 581 songs loaded to the iPod with room for several more albums. I’m also subscribed to a couple of podcasts. With the extra room now available I’m wondering what other podcasts I might add to the list.

The new iPod also has a colour screen and I spent a bit of time last night loading lots of album covers to iTunes. I can now scroll through the album art on the screen to choose my music. I haven’t yet downloaded any videos or photos to the iPod but that’s something else I can do.

I’m sure it’s not just me who gets blown away at how fast technology changes. What new technology boggles your mind?

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The iPod Personality Test

Self confessed ‘thirty something geek’ Riayn, isn’t quite convinced by the Sydney Morning Herald article, You show me your iPod, I’ll show you mine.

It claims that your iPod playlist tells others a lot about the kind of person you really are. I thought it just said a lot about your musical taste.

Riayn’s post The iPod – a window into the soul? questions the notion that your musical tastes define you and give an indication of the sort of person you should be dating.

So, what do you think your musical taste tells others about you?

I’ve just looked at the last ten songs that my iPod Mini played on shuffle. What do you think it says about me?

1. I Get Along Without You Very Well – Diana Krall
2. Only the Good Die Young – Billy Joel
3. What’s Happened to You – The Call
4. Easy On Your Own – Australian Crawl
5. Narrow Daylight – Diana Krall
6. Drive-In Saturday – David Bowie
7. I Don’t Care About the Past – The Senators
8. The Language of Life – Everything But The Girl
9. In The Echo Chamber – Hoodoo Gurus
10. Frozen River – Everything But The Girl

If you’ve got a music player that you can set to play randomly you might like to let me know your last ten songs.

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