The New Conspirators

the_new_conspirators_cover.jpgThere’s an old book on my bookshelf that was second hand when I bought it many years ago. The cover was already beginning to part company with the pages when I snapped it up for the bargain price of just three dollars. It was an early catalyst in helping me to see faith in a different light to the understanding I’d developed while being brought up in a conservative, traditional church.

That book is The Mustard Seed Conspiracy by Tome Sine.

Tom Sine has worked as a social worker, educator and headed up a community development project in Haiti for World Concern. These days he spends a lot of time trying to learn what God is doing through a new generation of innovators.

His interest in new innovations in expressions of faith have led him to write his latest book, The New Conspirators.

Tom also teaches at Fuller Theological Seminary in Seattle, and is part of Mustard Seed Associates.

Tom Sine joined me on my morning radio programme on 98.5 Sonshine FM along with Jarrod McKenna from Peace Tree Community. While Tom’s book talks about the many ways that people are re-imagining church, Jarrod is part of a community that is living out faith in simple ways in the Perth suburb of Lockridge.

You can hear our discussion by clicking on the audio player at the bottom of this post.

If you’re in the Perth area you have a couple of opportunities to hear Tom Sine speaking at Vose Seminary in Bentley tomorrow.

Living on Purpose in Uncertain Times


Aimed at Christian leaders

Cost: $20

Join Tom Sine for some eye-opening excursions into our new global neighbourhood. You will identify the growing pressures on time and money facing people in your church. They will also show you how you can enable people to live on purpose, creating less stressed, more festive lives; and discovering imaginative ways God can use their lives to make a difference in their communities and God’s world.

Confronting the Powers: The New Conspirators


Aimed at all Christians

Cost: $10

God is doing something new through a new generation of innovators, risk takers and entrepreneurs. These new conspirato rs can be found in at least four streams: emerging, missional, mosaic and monastic.

Some are creating innovative missional expressions of church, some are creating sustainable communities that work with the poor. Others are using the arts to create imaginative forms of environmental advocacy. Still others are creating new ways to celebrate the in-breaking of God’s new order. These young conspirators are all imagining new ways, in these uncertain times, to give creative expression to that new world the Jesus told us is already here.

You can find out more about Tom Sine and the rest of the team at Mustard Seed Associates at the Mustard Seed Associates Website.

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