This Internet thing might be big one day

It might take a couple of hours to download the newspaper but this could be big one day. This is a 1981 news report on the internet.

Found at 22 Words.

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Social Media Catching Workers


I was reading an article at this morning titled Bosses catching employees out through Facebook and Twitter posts. It’s about employees getting caught out by their bosses when using social media.

There have been cases of people taking a sick day and then tweeting about it or saying something about what they’re doing on Facebook. Not a clever thing to do.

In 2010 a Port Macquarie barman who took two sick days around New Year’s Eve was sacked after his boss discovered a Facebook photo of him celebrating the occasion.

In 2008, 21-year-old Sydney call centre worker Kyle Doyle made headlines after his boss caught him bragging on Facebook about chucking a sickie, with an email exchange between the two going viral.

Social media has advanced so quickly that many people are still catching up with the full effects of sharing their life with the world.

“Back three or four years ago when social media wasn’t as prolific as it is now you’d likely be slapped on the wrist for an indiscretion, but people now don’t have the excuse to make mistakes because we’ve seen so many fails of people doing it, and companies are so much more aware of policies are being in place and training,” she said.

I’m wondering if you’ve ever been caught out with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media. Has a boss read something you’d rather they hadn’t or maybe a friend or family member discovered something about you through social media?

If you’re game, I’d love to hear your experiences. Maybe you’ve declined an invite from a friend only to have them find out the reason you gave them wasn’t quite true. Let me know if social media has brought you undone. I won’t tell anyone. I promise.

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Is Fashion More Important than Life?

Are you sometimes amazed by what passes for news?

When I was scanning the latest stories online this morning to prepare for my radio show I spotted a major headline telling me that Princess Mary and Pippa Middleton have both been seen wearing the same dress design. And it’s not as if they turned up to the same event wearing the same outfit. Pippa wore the dress to the Wimbeldon finals whereas Princess Mary wore the dress to a christening …. a couple of months ago …. in a different country.

Seriously? Aren’t there more pressing world issues to concern us?

Of course the dress clash wasn’t the main headline. That was reserved for the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Further down the page was the story of the political debate surrounding asylum seekers. How can the reporting of the divorce of one couple, as tragic as divorce is for those concerned, be more important than an issue that could decide whether hundreds of people live or die?

Sadly, many times media just serves up what consumers want to consume. Do we really want to read this kind of stuff and call it news? Isn’t there a better standard?

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Chuck Missler

missler.jpgChuck Missler packs venues across the world when he speaks. People are eager to hear his insights on what’s happening in the world today.

After a distinguished military career and more than thirty successful years in the business world, Chuck Missler decided to pursue his life-long love of teaching the Bible on a full-time basis.

He founded Koinonia House, an organisation devoted to encouraging people to study the Bible.

He has spent many years studying the links between the scriptures and current day events. He recently joined me in the 98.5 Sonshine FM studios to talk about his views on Scripture and how words written thousands of years ago are relevant for the 21st century. His main emphasis is on knowing what’s really going on in the world. Where are we headed today? What part do we need to play in this rapidly chaning world?

You can hear what he had to say by clicking the play button on the audio player at the bottom of this post.

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