Finding Hope When it Hurts


Authors Professor Philip Siddall, Rebecca McCabe and Dr Robin Murray have devoted much of their lives to working with people in pain.

They’ve recently released The Pain Book – Finding Hope When it Hurts.the-pain-book

The Pain Book provides an up-to-date overview of how pain works and the best pain treatments now available. Based on the latest research, The Pain Book features information, skills and techniques that form a proven and effective step-by-step approach to treating pain.

The authors are all highly experienced in pain management. Philip Siddall is Professor in Pain Medicine at the University of Sydney with more than 30 years of clinical experience and international recognition for his work in the field of pain management. Rebecca McCabe is a physiotherapist with a particular expertise in chronic pain and many years’ experience in private practice and hospital pain management centres. Robin Murray has a PhD in clinical psychology and has also practised and taught in the field of pain management for many years.

Having devoted much of their lives to working with people in pain, the authors are lead clinicians in the HammondCare Pain Management Service at Greenwich Hospital where they run a successful pain program based on the principles in The Pain Book.

Philip Siddall joined me on the phone this morning during my radio program to talk a little bit about the book and the hope that exists for those experiencing pain. You can hear our conversation by clicking the play button on the audio player below.

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