Ride for Compassion 2017

Every year since 2009 I’ve cycled between Albany and Perth, a distance of over 500 kilometres. Last week I was out there again with around 30 other cyclists, supported by a wonderful support crew, riding from Albany to Perth over six days.

We arrived home on Saturday afternoon after some tough days on the bike. We were battered by strong head and side winds for several days.

Despite the conditions, the ride was a great success. As well as having an amazing time with an incredible group of people, we were raising funds for some children who are living in extreme poverty through Compassion Australia.

This year we raised over $50 000 for safe food production in some Compassion centres in Bangladesh.

The main objective of this critical intervention is to provide each of the five child development centres with a well-built kitchen, dining and food preparation and storage facilities, enabling more than 1000 children and adult beneficiaries access to nutritious, well prepared meals to be enjoyed in a safe and clean environment. Your support could also help to reduce the incidence of hygiene-related diseases and improve health and wellbeing among the children and families of five communities in Bangladesh.

The specific objectives are to:
* Provide quality, timely meals for all registered children and improve their physical development
* Improve the children’s program attendance and participation rates at all centres
* Teach centre staff, cooks and helpers to follow good hygiene practices such as cleaning and washing utensils, plates, pans and cups
* Provide each of five centres with a clean, modern kitchen and dining hall

Now begins the preparations for Ride for Compassion Coast to Coast. Next year we’ll be riding around 4300 kilometres across Australia. You can support my efforts for next year by visiting my fundraising page.

Below are short videos of most days of the ride. Each video only runs for a minute. The only one missing is our day from Wagin to Pingelly. Unfortunately, I lost the video I recorded for that day.

If you’d like more details about Ride for Compassion, just drop me a message or visit the Ride for Compassion website.

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Eighty Years of Cycling

Russ Travers

I taught myself to ride a bike when I was 16. I was a late starter but I’ve made up for it since by riding some very long distances.

Russ Travers started a lot earlier and has now been cycling for 80 years. He’s still at it and loving it. He describes it as an addiction.

Watch the video below and be inspired by Russ and his cycling addiction.

I’ll be 96 by the time I can say that I’ve been cycling for 80 years. I only hope that whether I reach that age or not, I continue to get out and ride.

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Ride to Work Day 2011

The short video doesn’t really capture the atmosphere of the breakfast in front of the Perth Concert Hall this morning but it certainly hints at it.

It’s Ride to Work Day and so I did waht I do every day and cycled to work. I detoured into the city on the way for the free breakfast. I didn’t really get to eat breakfast but I did catch up with a number of people I know.

Ride to Work Day is on Wednesday 12 October 2011 and is part of a National Behaviour Change Program. Ride to Work Day is a National Day and celebrates bike commuting within the workplace as an alternative means of transport while encouraging Australian workers to adopt a healthier and environmentally sound means of commuting.

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