Dylan Hears a Who

Maybe I should be offended. After all I am a big Bob Dylan fan.

I must admit though, it’s hard to be offended by this very amusing album of ‘Dylan’ singing Dr Seuss.

Dylan Hears a Who is a very clever six song compilation of Dr Seuss rhymes done in the style of Dylan. The music’s authentic and the vocals are impressive.

The authentic vinyl ‘crackles and pops’ add to the audio experience.

I think Green Eggs and Ham would have to be my favourite. Let me know which ones you enjoy.

The best part of it all is that you can download the entire album in mp3 format in a zip file.

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Stopping the tragedy

As anyone who has been close to someone that has committed suicide knows, there is no other pain like that felt after the incident.Peter Greene

Did you know that here in Australia, around 600 more people commit suicide each year than are killed in car accidents? We hear a lot about the tragic loss of life on our roads, and so we should, but we don’t often hear about the tragic loss of life through people who simply decide that they no longer wish to keep living.

One organisation trying to do something to turn these horrific figures around is Youth Focus. Youth Focus is a West Australian, non-profit community based organisation working with young people who are showing early signs associated with suicide, depression and self-harm. Youth Focus can also provide services to their families. Youth Focus values young lives by ensuring the emotional well-being of young people, developing their self worth and offering them the opportunity to reach their full potential. The Youth and Family Services Team comprises of professionally qualified youth and family counsellors with extensive experience working in this specialised area.

On the 26th of March 40 men and women will start a ride from Albany to Perth raising money to help fund the excellent work that Youth Focus does. This will be the fifth Ride for Youth and this year alone they hope to raise over $500 000 through the ride.

You can click here if you’d like to donate.

I’m going to keep up to date with training and preparations for the ride by chatting to a couple of the riders during my morning radio programme on 98.5 Sonshine FM.

I had the first of our chats this morning. I talked to James Sutherland who has been on each of the four rides so far and will be back on the bike this year. I also chatted to Sue Johnston who has been connected to the event since it started but is riding for the first time this year.

You can listen to our conversation by clicking here.

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He hit me first

The battle lines are drawn. Let the war begin.

Some homes resemble a war zone. Siblings insist on battling it out to the end. Parents get more and more frazzled trying to keep the peace.

What can you do if your children are constantly fighting? Some people just pass it off as something that kids will do, no matter what, but if we don’t act to stop fighting, especially physical exchanges, our children can carry inadequate conflict resolution skills into adulthood.

Thankfully Emily and James get on very well and most of the time they can live peacefully with each other. Even when there is friction, they know how to push each others’ buttons and get a reaction but it’s very rare for it to get violent.

My regular Monday morning radio guest on 98.5 Sonshine FM is Joan Grosser from Growing Families Australia. Each week we chat about parenting issues and take talkback calls from listeners.

Today we talked about children who fight and looked at the foundations we need to teach our children to help them deal with conflict and their own feelings.

You can listen to today’s segment now by clicking here. If’ you’d like to save the mp3 and listen later just right click here and save the file to your computer.

Have you had to help your children to stop fighting and start working together? What have you found to work? How have you gone about teaching children respect for each other?

I’d love to get your point of view. Please feel free to leave a comment or two.

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Parenting and the art of bicycle maintenance

I finally got around to it.

My bike has needed a clean for quite some time but I’ve been putting it off.

I finally decided it was time to get on with the job and so I asked James to join me in the backyard yesterday where we set about a bit of bicycle maintenance. First task was to replace a couple of spokes on Emily’s bike then we did a couple of other bits and pieces before the big cleaning job.

One of the reasons I’ve been putting off cleaning my bike is that when I do get around to it I go all out. Off comes the chain, the chain rings, the wheels, the rear cluster and all sorts of other bits and pieces. Then it’s into the degreasing fluid and out with hot soapy water.

Throughout the whole process I explained every step to James. I know that he’s only eight but I figure he’s got to start somewhere.

I talked about the special tools we used and the reason we did all the things we did. There were a few momentary lapses in concentration on his part but most of the time he was more than happy to talk about what we were doing and to help where he could.

Finally we put the bike back together and I can assure you that this morning’s ride to work was one of the sweetest ever.

It was so wonderful to spend that time with James doing ‘guy’ stuff together. He loves knowing how things work and most of the time when I asked him to figure out what each of the parts did he quickly assessed the situation and came up with the right answer.

I certainly hope that by the time he has developed the skills to do all his own bicycle maintenance he’ll let me help.

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