A380 takes to the skies

I don’t know about you but I love flying. I’m scared of heights but take me up in an aircraft and I’m deliriously happy.

It’s been interesting to see all the fuss about the new Airbus A380 which landed in Sydney yesterday after its first commercial flight from Singapore. It’s a shame that it’s on the other side of the country becuase I’d certainly like to get a look at the massive aircraft and I’d love to fly in it sometime.

According to this article at News.com.au, Singapore Airlines has set up the plane with 399 economy seats, 60 business seats, and a ‘suites’ class of 12 compartments with flat-screen televisions about the size of a briefcase, sheets by French designer Givenchy and a full-length bed behind sliding doors.

I doubt I’ll ever get to sample anything but economy class if I do get to fly in an A380. I’ve almost given up on being approached by a multi-millionaire who wants to employ me to fly first class around the world on a regular basis.

The thing that interests me is how they’ll get everyone on and off the plane quickly enough. Planes generally use just one door to get everyone loaded and unloaded. It already seems to take forever to get everyone in and seated with planes half its size.

Although, with an aircraft that big I guess they could just park the plane sideways at the terminal. I can imagine it now. “Ladies and gentlemen, your flight is now boarding at Gate 3 … and Gate 4 … and Gate 5 … and Gate 6 …..

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Do you believe that we all have an aura? Is there some kind of ‘energy shadow’ surrounding us?

So what is an aura? Wikipedia says,

In parapsychology, spirituality and New Age belief, an aura is a subtle field of luminous multicolored radiation surrounding a person or object as a cocoon or halo. An aura may be held to represent or be composed of soul vibrations or chakras, and may reflect the moods or thoughts of the person it surrounds.

My regular Wednesday morning guest on 98.5 Sonshine FM is Ross Clifford who is the Principal of Morling College in New South Wales and current President of the Baptist Union of Australia. Each week we chat about a range of issues relating to spirituality and belief.

We looked at the topic of auras today and discussed whether they exist and whether they could be helpful.

You can hear our discussion with the media player below.

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Sprint … NOW!

I learnt an unexpected lesson on my early morning ride before work today.

I was a few kilometres from home heading into the beautiful Swan Valley when I realised that my legs are quite capable of working completely independently of my brain and thought processes.

As I rode along enjoying the sights and sounds of the valley waking up I spotted something on the side of the road running parallel to the kerb. It was shiny and brown and probably around a metre or so long.

Once my brain recognised that it wasn’t a stick, because sticks don’t generally have scales, it told my legs to up the pace a little in order to vacate the area as quickly as possible. While my brain was trying to communicate its message I glanced down and noticed that quite independently my legs had already decided that it would be a good idea to start a rapid sprint. They were well and truly ahead of the game.

I suppose that my bare legs had already recognised the fact that they’d be the body parts most likely to suffer should the slithery, scaly creature on the side of the road decide to grab a bite to eat as I passed by.

I can’t tell you what kind of snake it was or whether it was of the poisonous variety, I really wasn’t prepared to hang around to find out, but I suspect that it could have been a personal trainer snake because it sure helped me with my sprint training this morning.

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Thumbs Up! Edition Eleven

Sorry for not posting this yesterday.

I’d love get a few more posts for the next edition. You can post something today, let me know and it’ll be part of next week’s Thumbs Up!

If this is the first you’ve heard of Thumbs Up! and you’re scratching your head wondering what it’s about you can read the details here.

It’s always great to see those who usually only get a mention when things aren’t going well, receive some recognition when they do the right thing. Graham Barker was recently extremely pleased with Good Service From A Bank. He’s posted the details at Graham’s Paddock. (I can tell already that I’m going to have to spend a lot more time investigating Graham’s website and blog. Some great stuff to check out.)

This week Romi has written about The Church Bazaar. I love the way that Romi is able to see God working through something as simple as a church bazaar. It’s when we see God’s influence and direction in every area of our life that we really start to understand how everything we do is ‘spiritual’. God doesn’t want us to break our lives into segments labeled as spiritual and secular, he wants to be involved in everything we do. Romi’s post was published at Romi’s Journal.

I don’t think I’ve left anyone out but if you did post a submission this week and you can’t see it here, please email me so that I can add your post. If you missed out on being a part of Thumbs Up! this week, get posting now and submit for next week.

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Hitting the right note

Friday night was a very special occasion for our family. It was the annual piano concert.

The event drew together many of the students from the school that Emily and James attend and from another school where their piano teacher also teaches. All the piano students got to perform in front of parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles.

Emily and James had been practising their pieces and were both happy that they were ready. Pauline and I played the part of the nervous parents and suggested a few more practices but they were both sure that it’d be OK.

We listened to a number of other students play before it was time for James to take to the stage.

He looked magnificent in his shirt and tie and he made his performance look effortless.

After several more performances it was Emily’s turn. Once she was on the stage her star quality shone through and her playing flowed perfectly.

Both Emily and James performed brilliantly.

We celebrated their successes by heading to a local cafe for drinks after the concert.

It’s rather incredible to watch your own children develop skills and excel in areas that you don’t. They’ve only just begun learning piano but they’re already playing better than I ever will.

It’s great to see your kids take on some of your skills but when they develop abilities that aren’t part of who you are, you start to see more and more of their uniqueness. I love seeing them becoming the people that the Creator has destined them to become.

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