I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat

catandmouse.JPGWe’ve been hearing the pitter patter of very tiny feet at our place over the past few weeks.

James decided late last year that he’d like to keep mice and since then has read a few books and lots of websites to make sure that he would know just what to do if we allowed him to get some small furry friends.

Pauline and I decided that a couple of mice shouldn’t cause too many problems and that it could be good for a nine year old to learn to care for pets, so we gave him permission to get two females. We got a heap of mousy stuff from Freecycle and my sister purchased two mice for James as a late Christmas present.

I’m very much an animal person. I love cats, dogs and many other creatures but I’m yet to really warm to the mice. I don’t dislike them, I simply don’t really care for them.

Our cat, Gizmo, finds the idea very interesting. James has named the mice Tigger and Piglet but I think Gizmo might prefer to call them lunch and dinner. Mind you, she sometimes puts her nose up to the cage and rubs noses with Piglet who is the more adventurous of the two rodents. Most of the time the cat just ignores them.

What kind of pets do you keep?

We always had cats and dogs when I was growing up. Did you have pets when you were young?

DISCLAIMER: No, this isn’t turning into a cat blog. 🙂

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