Time for a Career Change


Have you heard about the thieves in Brisbane who made three unsuccessful attempts to rob a jewellery store? They started by throwing spark plugs at the front window trying to smash their way in. Next they decided to break in via the rear doors but found themselves in the neighbouring Animal Welfare League Opp Shop.

For their final attempt, they broke into a toilet block at the rear of the connected shops and used an iron bar to hack through a wall. They expected to arrive in the jewellers, but instead landed in the local KFC, surprising junior staff and themselves. I don’t think that fried chicken is quite as valuable on the black market as jewellery.

Thankfully they’ve now been arrested but I reckon it’s a fair guess that they were in the wrong career. Not that crime is ever a good career choice.

My original career was in the hospitality industry. I did a four year cooking apprenticeship many, many years ago so I’m actually a qualified chef. There was a range of reasons that I decided it wasn’t the career for me.

I’m wondering if you’ve jumped career. What was it that made you decide to switch? Why did you leave one career and start something new?

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Card Capers

I got a new credit card recently. I got a call from my bank when I was at Melbourne airport a few weeks ago, waiting for my flight home after the Great Ocean Road Challenge. Apparently someone in the US had tried to make a charge against my card.

Thankfully our bank’s security picked it up and so I was saved any cost but it did mean that I was without my card for a number of days until the new card arrived. I don’t use my credit card every day but it feels weird not having the option to use it if it’s needed.

It was like one of those good news bad news stories. I’ve got some bad news, someone has tried to use your credit card. The good news is that we caught them in time. The bad news is we’ve cancelled your existing card. The good news is that we’ll send you a new one. The bad news is you probably won’t get it until Wednesday next week. The good news is it arrived a day early on the Tuesday.

It’s a great feeling to know the scammers didn’t win this time. Have you ever had someone steal your credit card details? Were you able to get your money back?

Some people blame online shopping for some of the scammers getting hold of our details. Do you shop online and if so what precautions do you take? Are there some sites you avoid?

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