Hitting the right note

Friday night was a very special occasion for our family. It was the annual piano concert.

The event drew together many of the students from the school that Emily and James attend and from another school where their piano teacher also teaches. All the piano students got to perform in front of parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles.

Emily and James had been practising their pieces and were both happy that they were ready. Pauline and I played the part of the nervous parents and suggested a few more practices but they were both sure that it’d be OK.

We listened to a number of other students play before it was time for James to take to the stage.

He looked magnificent in his shirt and tie and he made his performance look effortless.

After several more performances it was Emily’s turn. Once she was on the stage her star quality shone through and her playing flowed perfectly.

Both Emily and James performed brilliantly.

We celebrated their successes by heading to a local cafe for drinks after the concert.

It’s rather incredible to watch your own children develop skills and excel in areas that you don’t. They’ve only just begun learning piano but they’re already playing better than I ever will.

It’s great to see your kids take on some of your skills but when they develop abilities that aren’t part of who you are, you start to see more and more of their uniqueness. I love seeing them becoming the people that the Creator has destined them to become.

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