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I was reading today that August 2007 marks the 40th anniversary of the microwave oven.

Of course microwaves weren’t a common sight in kitchens until a number of years after that but we’ve certainly grown very used to the convenience of microwave cooking. Food that used to take hours to cook can now be steaming hot in minutes. I guess that most of us have come to depend on the microwave. A lot of people wouldn’t even remember a time when microwave cooking wasn’t an option.

I wonder what else we’d like to see undergo the microwave treatment. What would you like to see sped up?

I’d love to see a microwave mower that would have the lawn looking brilliant in less than three minutes.

I’d imagine that a lot of people would like to see a microwave airplane that would turn a 14 hour flight into a ten minute journey. I’ll stick with the conventional flight. I enjoy the in flight entertainment and the food too much.

How about five hours of housework in five minutes? An hour at the dentist in 45 seconds?

We all thrill to the idea of speeding things up but I wonder if we might be better off if we managed to turn things around and started taking the time to enjoy the many good things life offers instead of rushing through everything and missing the moment.

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  • Yes you are correct, Rodney! I wish I could slow down more often. As I type this I know I have to leave the house and fetch the girls from skating, then I have to get ready to go swimming!

    It`s all the balancing act! You take the rubbish things life throws at you and make time for the things you enjoy doing.

    I think we all need some time for oursleves as well. It`s wonderful spending time with the kids (now they are on their Summer holiday), but I also need a little “Me time”! Cycling is my ultimate “me time” and freedom for a few hours! 😀

  • I´d go for the dentist, that would be such a relief! I´d love to speed up nasty things like my 40km to work, too!
    And have more quality-time instead!

    But, believe it or not: I never owned a microwave oven. I wouldn´t know where to place it anyway, since I already have a little “conventional” oven.
    Nah, I don´t even miss such an oven 😉

  • This reminds me of the movie Click, although I’m not usually an Adam Sandler fan this was a great movie. Basically he uses a remote to fast forward through all the bad parts or to hurry up and reach a goal. But in doing that, he ends up missing everything.

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