An engaging afternoon

We spent a few hours yesterday afternoon at an engagement party. It was great to celebrate with Ainsley and Carina and to catch up with a few friends at the same time.

One of our friends asked us about our memories of our own engagement. It seems like such a long time ago now. We will have been married for fifteen years this December.

I remember thinking just how amazing it was that someone as wonderful as Pauline was prepared to marry me. I still think it’s amazing that she said ‘I do’.

Someone commented on Pauline’s incredible eyes a couple of days ago and asked me if that’s what first attracted me to her. I said it was everything about her. It still is.

Do celebrations like that take you back to earlier years? Do you think about your younger days when you go to an engagement party, a wedding or a 21st birthday party

I love looking back at what was but I suppose it’s even better to be able to be content with life right now. I had some wonderful years when I was younger but right now I have a beautiful wife and two remarkable children. Sure, there have been some potholes on the road of life, there always will be, but things are pretty darn good.

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