Could this evil really be happening?

Can you imagine a government so evil that it oversees the execution of its citizens for the harvest and sale of body parts?

It sounds like a bad sci-fi movie but according to reliable investigations, this is what is happening right now in China.

My regular Wednesday morning guest on 98.5 Sonshine FM is Ross Clifford who is the Principal of Morling College in New South Wales and current President of the Baptist Union of Australia. Each week we chat about a range of issues relating to spirituality and belief.

Today we talked about the persecution of members of the religious movement, Falun Gong, and the accusation that members of the group are being used for a worldwide trade in body parts. There is also concern that members of the underground Christian church may be suffering from the same kind of human rights abuses.

Ross highlighted the work of Canadian MP, David Kilgour, who describes himself in his biography as a practising Christian. David is part of a wide ranging investigation into the human rights abuses in China. Together with David Matas he has published An Independent Investigation into Allegations of organ Harvesting of Falun gong practitioners in China.

So what are we to do with this information? How do we call for greater transparency in the actions of those in power in China? How do we send a message to the Chinese Government that this is unacceptable? These were a couple of the issues Ross and I discussed this morning.

If you’d like to hear our discussion you can listen via the media player below.

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  • My wife and I have been talking about this in light of next year’s Olympics. We will probably boycott the games in the hope of raising the issue among friends.
    I don’t know if there’s too much one person can do, but we can only do what we can.

  • Rodney, I too have recently come across a lot of press coverage of the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong. It seems there are also those who discredit David Kilgour’s allegations. Certainly some of the photos I have seen of alleged torture victims, seem not to be what they are presented as in evidence, so I don’t know what to think. However, one site I found that really touched me is this:

  • I often wonder what I can do about human rights abuses. I’ve called embasssies to complain, and written to our State Department to complain. Doesn’t seem like much, and would anybody listen to one person? However, if everyone did some kind of action, I beleive it would make a difference.

    The problems in China are great. I’m personally most concerned about forced abortions, and I even consider the one-child policy to be a human rights abuse.

  • It’s an interesting problem. Like Pema, I wonder how you know that these accounts are “reliable.” Whether or not it is happening, it’s a troubling idea.

  • Rodney, the Falun Gong organ allegation David Kilgour’s promoting has been discredited by multiple undercover investigations.

    US government and Chinese dissident investigations:


    2) (section CRS-7)

  • Thanks for the mention, Charles.
    When I wrote this blog, I had absolutely no idea so many people would find it of interest.
    In addition to the breast cancer lady, there are several pictures in the websites that are of medical and surgical diseases, opertive scars, etc.
    This technique of fraudulent evidence is surely short sighted and will weaken the cause of the Falun Dafa.

  • Thank you Rambodoc, for outting such blatant propaganda.

    Falun Gong’s misrepresentation of gory medical artifact is something I as a layperson have long suspected.

    For exmaple, the photo exhibited in the aformentioned Kilgour Report (appendix 20 cas 1) contains a gory photo of what I believe to be an autopsy being misrepresented as evidence of vivisection.

    So far I have only one physician review confirming this misrepresentation. If you would be so kind as to take a look I would be very grateful.

    I can be reached from my blog; my profile is open to the public.

  • I saw the autopsy picture. I see no reason for calling it an incision for organ transplant.
    In fact, there is an incision in the right arm that would not be done for organ transplant. On top of that, there is no exposure of the larynx, as a commenter claimed.
    In fact, a commenter claimed that the foodpipe (esophagus) could have been used for transplantation sounded ridiculous, but then I am not up to date on transplant surgery 🙂
    And a description of the injury “crushing his tonsils and lymph nodes” is so fantastic that I could keep laughing about this, were it not for the fact that this is so tragic….

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