Soundtrack of My Life – Come on Home

SoundtrackofMyLife.jpgWhat are the songs that make up the soundtrack of your life?

This is the first of what I hope to be a regular series of posts about some of the music that I love and the part it has played in my life.

I’d encourage you to get involved too. Let me know about some of the songs that are etched in your mind. What are the tunes that bring back a flood of memories every time their opening notes start cranking out on your stereo? Are there songs you love for their music and others that speak deeply through their lyrics?

The song I want to highlight this time around is Come on Home by Everything But The Girl.

Back in the late 80s I was watching a music video show on TV when I saw the video for this song. It was the first time I’d seen or heard anything of Everything But The Girl. While the song itself doesn’t really speak about any situation with which I could really identify, the sound of the orchestra and Tracey Thorn’s vocals had me from hello.

Since then I’ve collected quite a number of EBTG CDs and many of their songs have meant a lot to me at different times. I’ll probably feature some more of their music in coming weeks because they truly are amazing. I very easily get caught up in the lyrics of the music I listen to and Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt, who make up EBTG, have written some great ones over the years.

If you’re not familiar with them you can check out this video.

The album that Come on Home came from, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, also played a significant role in my most significant relationship. I won’t say any more than that but here are the lyrics to the song that caught my heart and well and truly earned its place in the soundtrack of my life.

Come on Home

Baby come home, I miss the sound of the door
Your step on the stair’s not there to wake me no more
And every day’s like Christmas Day without you
It’s cold and there’s nothing to do

And it’s mighty quiet here now that you’re gone
I’ve been behaving myself for too long
‘Cause I don’t like sleeping
or painting the town on my own
So please come on home

Baby, what’s keeping you all this time
You’re wasting your days out there in the sunshine
And who can I turn to if you believe still
That England don’t love you and she never will

For it’s mighty quiet here now that you’re gone
And I’ve been behaving myself for too long
I don’t like sleeping
Or watching TV on my own
So please come on home

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