The Latest Craze!

It’s the latest craze. It’s MARGINS.

You know the kind of thing. Make sure that you don’t over-extend yourself in your finances, with your family, with your work, in fact in every area of life. Make time to set the real priorities.

It must be a craze because my pastor mentioned at an elders meeting that he’d be preaching on it soon. Then we took our boy to the doctor (No James, bean bag beans do not go in your ear.) and there was an old magazine with an article on creating margins. (Do doctors surgeries ever have new magazines?) Then of course the pastor preached on creating margins. Next thing I know a new magazine, which I don’t subscribe to and didn’t ask for, turned up in the mail with an article on creating margins. I’d create a few of my own margins but I’m too busy.

See – it must be a craze. Or maybe, just maybe, God is trying to get through to me. Do you ever have that kind of experience? I find it’s one of the ways that God speaks to me. I must be pretty thick because when he wants to get through he puts the same subject into my life dozens of different ways until I obey. Looks like I might have to create a few margins.

So it’s not a craze after all – but if you’ve been hearing a lot about margins recently – maybe this is just another one of those messages that God is using to let you kow it’s time you did something about it.

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