A delightful morning

My studio guest this morning, as mentioned in the previous post, was Cosima De Vito.

She was an absolute delight. She is a lady who is high on life and is extremely friendly.

Cosima talks about being unaffected by fame and you can absolutely believe it. She was generous with her time and very open.

I took the opportunity to play the new single from her album. It’s called Now That You Can’t Have Me and it’s a wonderful display of her vocal talent and Diane Warren’s remarkable songwriting.

Posted by Rodney Olsen

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  • I was fortunate to meet Cosima pre-idol, when she was working as a receptionist for a media company. At the time I was struck by what a lovely person she was, so it didn’t surpise me how Australia took her to their hearts. Congratulations on a great interview.

  • Rodney, Man look at you, you are a stud!!! I’m tellin ya you are the first person I would visit in Australia! You’re like a celebrity!

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