How do you build relationship with your children?

Some people see parenting as a series of problems to be solved. Others see it as an opportunity to build relationship with their children while they solve the problems that come up along the way.

Do you have kids? What’s your parenting style? Do you find ways to build relationship?

My regular Monday morning radio guest on 98.5 Sonshine FM is Joan Grosser from Growing Families Australia. Each week we chat about parenting issues and take talkback calls from listeners.

Today we talked about how to build relationship with our kids. Even something as simple as doing homework with our children can strengthen the bonds between us.

Joan suggested a number of simple ideas like having a family project that everyone can work on together over a period of time through to picnics in the park.

One great idea was to take our children out individually to allow them to have time alone with us. She suggested taking one child with us whenever we have to drive somewhere to run an errand. We may not be headed anywhere special but that time with one parent and one child can allow conversations that would otherwise be crowded out. I took Emily with me yesterday when I needed to buy some fertiliser for our front and back lawns. (I use the word ‘lawns’ in the loosest possible sense.) It certainly wasn’t anything special but it was time together undertaking a task that had to be done.

What are the simple things you do to stay connected to your kids?

If you’d like to listen to our conversation you can left click here. If you’d like to save the file and listen later you can right click here.

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  • Hi Rodney,
    I did get the first part of the program on Monday but not all of it, thanks for the link, I’ll listen to it when the house quiets down 🙂
    I started this year to let the older two wash the dishes for us for more pocket money, but I have found they argue over who should do what and if things are not washed properly etc etc. Then it dawned on me also the other day I should take them one at a time to take turns with either mum or dad! Then at least I’ll also have to search less for my kitchen utensils, they pack it in where ever they can find an open spot! Grrrrrr 🙂

  • I am struggling with this a bit right now as my daughter approaches age 13. Seems like yesterday I couldn?t get away from her for five minutes of peace? Now she hardly wants me around! I do my best to cultivate a home where all the neighborhood is welcome, which has helped me maintain the relationship with my daughter. Her friends like me and want to be at our house. We play games, watch movies, all that fun stuff. So that?s my saving grace as she continues to grow and become more independent.

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