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I spotted a post by Bob Franquiz a few days back titled How I Read a Book … and have been meaning to highlight it for you since then. We’re talking about a guy who reckons that he will have read 60 books this year by the end of the December.

Any one that can read through that much material is likely to have a few good tips for the rest of us who struggle to take the time to enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures.

I’ll list the main headings he posted but remember this is just the bare bones. You really need to visit his post to let Bob flesh it out for you.

The things that Bob says help him to read are:

1. I like to read
2. Bring a book everywhere with you
3. Give yourself “reading time” every day
4. Read while you’re watching TV
5. Set goals
6. Read with a pen in hand
7. Get into a rhythm
8. Skip irrelevant sections
9. If a genre is working, stick with it
10. Keep a log of what you read

Do you have any tips that you think might help others to read more?

How many books would you get through in a year?

Are you someone who has taught yourself to develop a reading habit? How did you do it?

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  • My tip is having lots of spare time 🙂

    I think the most amount of books I have read in a year was in year 11 or 12. I kept a book list to see just how much I could read and ended up with 83 (from memory) for the year.
    Not doing TEE at the time helped also 🙂

    Now it seems that I am lucky to read a book a month :/

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